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Professional Fly Fisher, European and World Champion

For 40 years H. R. Hebeisen has been professionally engaged with fishing, fly fishing, casting, guiding fishing expeditions and running fly fishing schools. Heidi Hebeisen’s experience in these fields dates back 30 years. A wealth of experience was gained during this time and a great deal was learnt from school pupils who asked focused questions and had very specific requirements. H. R. Hebeisen’s experience as amateur and professional caster and holder of European and World Championship titles (World distance record of 62.73 metre with a single handed fly rod in 1969) and as a pupil of the celebrities from the Swiss Casting Club with Charles Ritz at the head and also the newly acquired knowledge from the many years of cooperation with Hans Gebetsroither and, logically, with his own experience as fly fishing instructor resulted in the “Hebeisen Casting Style” which is taught successfully in the Hebeisen Fly Fishing Casting School. People who command this style, cast with less energy, more elegantly, further and more accurately.


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