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Peter Fonda and John Halford, the great great grandson of Frederic Halford are just two of the well-known pupils of H.R. Hebeisen.

Peter Fonda and John Halford are just two of the well-known pupils of H.R. HebeisenPeter Fonda and John Halford are just two of the well-known pupils of H.R. Hebeisen

Peter Fonda and John Halford were pupils of Hans Gebetsroither, Walter Brunner, Sepp Prager, Albrecht Ziggi Ziggerhofer, Robert Moser, Had Verhejien, Günter Feuerstein, Jupp Verstraaten, Heidi Hebeisen, Thomas R. Eckert, Ernst Leeger and Erwin Fluri who were, or still are, well known instructors from the Hebeisen Fly Fishing School.

A few of the well known names (Peter Fonda, and the great great grandson of Frederic Halford, John Halford are just two of the well known) were first pupils and then later master pupils and pupils at instructor level who participated, or still participate in the Hebeisen Fly Fishing School. All of these are recognised fly fishing instructors. In addition, there are a large number of Hebeisen Fly Fishing School pupils in mainland Europe, England, Ireland and the USA who run their own fly fishing schools who share our passion and style for fly fishing.

A great satisfaction for Heidi and H.R. Hebeisen is, without doubt, the vast number of fly fishers they have instructed over the decades. John Halford, the descendant of the father of dry fly fishing, has proved to be a knowledgeable pupil and practices our fly fishing style on the River Test in England. Peter Fonda, when asked if he would do a “love ride” from the US to Switzerland on his Harley Davidson, made it a condition that he would get private instruction and fly fishing with HRH – this makes us, quite logically, proud.

What also gives us even more pleasure and satisfaction is the many young fly fishers, both boys and girls, who in the later childhood years cast a perfect fly that will be matched by no more than 2% of the world’s fly fishers. The world-wide level of casting skill is, and this must be made quite clear, below that of Europe especially that of the German speaking countries. Without doubt the Hebeisen Fly Fishing School, and other well known and big names like Hans Gebetsroither, Walter Brunner, Sepp Prager, Roman Moser, Hansi Aigner and a few of the instructors in the European Federation of Fly Fishers, are responsible for this. Although small, Switzerland, together with Austria, have contributed more to fly fishing than Germany over the last 100 years who have issued three then two and now one specialised periodical. However, there are indications that things will come into balance because, in the meantime, there is a growing number of ambitious fly fishers who are deeply involved with fishing and casting techniques who have the right personal approach and will play a major role in the future fly fishing scene. Here I have to mention my pupils Tobias Hinzmann from Berlin and Stefan Gericke from Hamburg. At the start of the nineties in the last century Holland went through a strong phase and had the very best fly casters and fly tiers - the Fly Fair will be remembered by all. It is a shame that this drive petered-out. France, with the fly series from Aimé Devaux and Mme. Gérard de Chamberet along with the “moustic” fly patterns (later to be known around the world as CDC or duck hackle flies) contributed a lot to the fly fishing discipline.

The Hebeisen Fly Fishing School will continue to exist even though, in the meantime and because of accidents, Heidi (both knees) and H.R. Hebeisen (fractured heel-bone) have reduced their activities to advisory roles but are still very pleased to participate.


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