Fishing Courses for younger persons as well as for grown-ups

Courses for Jig- and Jerk-fishing on the Lake of Zurich

FischerkurseFischen, Kurse in der Schweiz

The Zürichsee is an „Aquarium full of Fish“ says a successful professional.

Not everybody, but many of the Zurich Boys as well as H.R. Hebeisen started their fishing carrier on the Zürichsee.

Today the Lake is not only clean and gin-clear, but as well full of fish that can be caught if you know the right way to do so. The so called "Freiangelrecht" allows everybody to fish for free with one rod, a single hook and natural baits like worms etc. Flyfishing is also for free with flies not bigger than Hook Size 8. For fishing with lures or dead fish there is a license to buy for a moderate fee in our store.

Successful fishing with the Jig, a dropshot rig or jerkbaits is en vogue. Ruedi Bleuer, who is fishing for more than 40 years on the Zürichsee, is a very experienced and successful fisherman. Sometimes in summer it happens that he comes to our store for a coffee after a short fishing trip on Saturday morning, if you are around have a look into his fish basket.

Different courses are held during the whole year by external professionals and by our staff. These courses are for all fishers. At you find informations about how and where to get the fishing-licences for the different states in Switzerland.


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