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As european champion and Professional-Casting-World Champion H.R. Hebeisen founded the Hebeisen Flyfishing School in 1967, from 1977 together with his wife Heidi Hebeisen, who organizes, together with HRH, H.R.Hebeisens grammalogue, Flyfishing Courses all over the world.

Charles Ritz, the famous swiss hotelier, was one of HRHs first teachers. Later, he and his wife took intense lessons from Hans Gebetsroither in Gmunden on the rivers Traun, Alm and Steyr. Up to 1979 the Hebeisen Flyfishing School was national, courses were held in Zürich, in the Toggenburg or in St. Moritz. But as Hans Gebetsroither, Walter Brunner and Sepp Prager joined the Flyfishing-School as isnstructors in 1977 things became more international. Starting from 1980, HRH, together with Hans Gebetsroither was giving Master-courses in the Waldhotel Marienbrücke in Gmunden on the river Traun. A Tradition up to our days, as well as the Beginner-Flyfishing-courses in Zurich and the Weekend-Flyfishing-Courses in the Toggenburg on the river Thur, and in the Vorarlberg region with our Instructors Erwin Fluri and Ernst Leeger.

Todays international main-base of our Flyfishing School is in the Bavarian city Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany where we found an ideal place in a traditional hotel with a luxurious 5 Km private strech on the river Loisach. The owner family von Thurn are perfect hosts. The dryflyfishing for european grayling in fall is very exclusive and successfull. Fish over 50cm are common.


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