Perfect Casting Style & Etiquette

When you attend the Hebeisen Fly Fishing School you learn that fly fishing can also be a way of life.

Perfect Casting StylePerfect Casting Style

We teach you more than a perfect casting style and how to catch fish.

Beginners come to our fly fishing school to learn about the techniques and tactics of fly rod casting and fly fishing. The more advanced want instruction for a perfect casting style and to have more success when fly fishing. We teach this in addition to etiquette and everything associated and instruct you that fly fishing is more than just catching fish with the fly rod but rather a way of life. Etiquette on the water is just as important as it is in other ways of life.

Nowhere, in any other film, is this shown as well as it is in the DVD film “Fly Fishing – a Way of Life”. Thrilling and world famous are the fishing scenes (which cost US$ 14 million) from the film “A River Runs Through” which gave rise to 3 million new fly fishers in the USA alone. This was important, but, what was even more important for HRH was the fact that he was placed in front of the large publishing houses in Germany and granted the exclusive distribution rights for the German version of this video and received five German marks royalty per copy sold - a six figure number of copies were produced. Even a hard-nosed commercial specialist can get excited about such results; after all you cannot afford an estate with hunting and fishing rights in Ireland with shirt buttons! There, as a fly fisher and naturalist and staunch believer in the free-life, one can really enjoy what is described as “the way of life”. Even though such ownership does results in duties and obligations - isn’t this the very thing that keeps driving us?


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"Fly fishing –
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