Swiss Casting Club International

When you are a dedicated fly fisher
you should be a member of the SCC International.

SCC International - Swiss Casting Club

From the beginning in 1948 when the club was founded the SCC has been actively engaged with casting and several of its members have become World and European champions.

People like Charles Ritz, Moritz Straub, Pedro Pujol, Dr. F. Cavallasca as well as Pierre Creusevaut and Ernest Hemingway were prominent fly fishers and, naturally for us youngsters then, the big idols.

Today, the SCC is a platform for internationally orientated fly fishers and is a liberal association. Bearing this perception in mind, we dispense with regulations, general meetings and such things. Are you also willing to do something active for your passion? Do you belong to those who are informed? No community is too small to be without value – in fact, many are valuable because of this.

The advantages of being a member of the Swiss Casting Club International are:

  • Every member receives club identification the size of a credit card.
  • Every member receives an attractive personal certificate.
  • Each year there are several club letters with information and special offers.
  • Certain exclusivities that are available in limited numbers will be offered to club members.
  • Places on certain trips, where only a few participants can attend, will be offered firstly to club members for a given period of time.
  • At the annual club meeting you will be invited by HRH to a gala dinner with selected wines.
  • The membership subscriptions will be used for certificates, membership cards, badges as well as for the organisation of meetings in Switzerland and abroad.
  • When there is a surplus of funds, at the end of the year, each member will receive a specially selected Christmas present reflecting the amount of remaining money. In other words: all monies subscribed will be returned to the members in one form or another.
 The price      
 Single person CHF EUR USD
 Entrance fee including annual subscription 300.- 200.- 180.-
 Annual subscription 150.- 100.- 90.-
 Life Member 1'500.- 1'000.- 900.-
 Couples with the same adress:
 One and half times the single subscription.

Anmeldung SCC International Application form for the SCC International


Anmeldung SCC International Application form for the SCC International

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