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Salmon fishing in Ireland, Alaska, Canada, Patagonia, or...

In our times travelling the world by aeroplane is no longer exclusive and expensive. And so fishing is possible everywhere. Salmon-Fishing for Atlantic Salmon – in Ireland, Scotland, Sweden or Norway? Or fishing for pacific Salmon in Alaska, in Canada; Yukon or British Columbia? Is the destination of your dreams maybe Patagonia? Or do you wish to stalk flats for bonefish, Permits and Tarpons? Are you a spinnerbait-fisher, an Allroundfisher or a flyfisher?

These are questions to ask in our shop, so that we can give you first hand informations. H.R. Hebeisen himself was fishing in all these countries, his wife as well, she was in Norway, Canada, Alaska und Ireland. And she is a well-experienced and successful salmonfisher as well. Thomas R. Eckert who is part of our staff in the Zurich shop is fishing in Alaska every year for almost two decades. Our manager Robert Grimm was fishing in Canada for one month in 2007. For almost half a century we accumulate First-Hand Know-How. We are as well working together with the travelling business, for example with RWTours and the Fishermen Travel Club, but we do not sell the journeys ourselves, but counsel you about the best travel opportunities in a neutral way.

We have as well connections to the prime chalkstream rivers in Southern England such as the rivers Test and Itchen.

We help you assembling the right tackle, Rods, reels and lines but as well the catching lures and flies and the clothing.


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