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Exclusive Salmon Fishing in Ireland, Alaska und Canada

Lachsfischen in IrlandLachsfischen in Alaska

Worldwide Successful Salmon Fishing  with Heidi and H.R. Hebeisen

H.R. Hebeisen first started Salmon Fly Fishing in 1967, when he caught his first Salmons after the Casting Worldchampionship in Oslo at the Laerdal River.

Soon after, the HRH Fishing Hebeisen Company rented ist own beat at the Laerdal and Fishing trips with the customers as well as Flyfishing-Courses were organized. In 1970 H.R. Hebeisen was fishing in Alaska for Salmon and in 1971 in Patagonia for Landlocked-Salmon. Then trips to Scotland to the Rivers Spey, Tay and Tweed were organized. From 1989, the Hebeisen-Flyfishing-School, actually the Salmon-Fishing-School, offers courses in the western Ireland Connemara region on the Screebe River System. In 2004, because of H.R. Hebeisens accident, the school had to move to a more accessible place.  A destination in Canada was found, where even physically handicapped persons are able to fish successfully for Salmon, Trout, Pike and Grayling.

For 2010 we offer guided Salmon- and other Fishing-Journeys to Canada and Alaska.


Salmon Fishing
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