Salmon Fishing in Alaska

Spinfishing and Flyfishing for Salmon in Alaska

Lachs-Fliegenfischen und Spinnfischen AlaskaLachs-Fliegenfischen und Spinnfischen Alaska

Spinfishing and Flyfishing for pacific Salmon in Alaska

1970 H.R. Hebeisen was flying to Alaska to fish the different pacific Salmon species with the flyrod. On the famous Lake Creek, at the confluent in the Yentna River there was the only lodge – a true paradise. A paradise for both Flyfishing and Spinfishing, not only for the pacific salmon, but as well for Arctic Grayling.

In the following years he guided several groups there before he concentrated on fishing for Atlantic Salmon. But for over one decade, Thomas R. Eckert flies to Alaska year after year, he knows every place. HRH made a flyout from the Yukon to Alaska Dry Bay in June and Septemeber to fish for Sockeys and Kingsalmon, in September for Cohos. In September 2007 he caught a big one with a weight over 15 pounds. Alaska is not only the country of the salmon but as well the country of bears and grayling. Many experts prefer to fish fort he large rainbow trout instead of the salmon. Before booking a trip to Alaska, you should counsel a neutral expert about the different lodges, the fishing season and the weather over there.


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