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Fliegenfischen und Spinnfischen Yukon KanadaFliegenfischen und Spinnfischen Yukon Kanada

H.R. Hebeisen stayed 8 x in the Dalton Trail Lodge
and guides you for Namaycush, Salmon, Pike and Grayling.

The most important: 1. all waters we fish during our Yukon trip can be fished either with the fly or with Spinnerbaits 2. Ladies, old fishers or even handicapped fishers will be able to enjoy the trip. There is no need for exhausting walking. The good spots must be reached with a truck, a quad or a boat. You wont get nowhere by foot.

This is the advantage of the Dalton Trail Lodge. The Lodge-owners Hardy, Trix and Thomas, all 3 Swiss, do not only have the right professional guides but as well a large numbers of transportation vehicles. They are the only ones who have placed boats on the far away mountain lakes; and they have the trucks and quads to reach these places.

There are plenty of Outdoor activities and adventure during the day, and in the evening when we come back from fishing, the comfort in the lodge is luxurious. Every room has its own shower and bathroom. There is a Billard-room and a Bar. Everything is just perfect, there is even a laundry service.

What concerns fishing opportunities, everything is possible like trolling for the huge Salvelinus Namaycush, that grow over one meter, HRH’s personal record is 101 cm. These fish can be caught in September with the fly from the show as well. Pike fishing is not only interesting for spinfishers. In September 2007 HRH and two other fishers caught 22 pike in one hour, HRH took 12 of them with the fly. Grayling are mostly caught with the fly or with a small spinbait. Same is with Salmon. In June for Sockeys and Kingsalmon, in September for Coho, the silver salmon.

The June trips in the Dalton Trail Lodge in Canada from 8 to 17 June 2010 are booked-out, however, there are still a few vacancies for 9 to 21 September 2010 - the best time for the Coho salmon in Dry Bay and fantastic fishing for Coho salmon with the fly or spinner. This is also the hunting season and time for collecting wild mushrooms. The Namaycush trout, grayling and pike are in top fighting form, big and heavy - this is the ideal time of the year for fly fishing for these species. HRH will be present in person.



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