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Fliegenfischen in Irland ConnemaraFliegenfischen in Irland Costelloe und Screebe

For over 20 years the Hebeisen Flyfishing School is based in Ireland.
The goal is to fish for Atlantic Salmon successfully.

In 1989 the Hebeisen Flyfishing-school expanded to Ireland, and the Salmonfishing-school was born. Heidi and H.R. Hebeisen know the west of Ireland, the Connemarra region very well. Ridge-Pool and Cathedral-Pool in Ballina, but as well the Galway-Weir, then the Screebe, Ballinahinch river systems and the Seatrout-lakes of the Costelloe- & Fermoyle Fishery are known like their pocket. Good years followed bad and reverse. In Ireland success depends very much from the weather. Too much sunny days without rain are causing a bad or a very late run of fish. If there is much rain in June and July, the salmon wont rest in the pools and cannot be caught. If they are around, success is still not programmed. Although, a very interesting and educating Salmon Fishing is possible for reasonable prices. Ideal for flyfishers, who appreciate, beside hard fishing, a „good way of life“.

Since 2007 drift net fishing has been stopped in Irish waters – read the comments from H.R. Hebeisen in the Petri News 136, “Ireland 2007: The year of the Salmon”.

We have made the following observations in Ireland during the years 2007 and 2008. Firstly, since the stopping of the drift net fishing there seems to be more salmon running in some, but not all, of the salmon systems. A fact is that the salmon appear to be running later. During the last two seasons completely different results have been recorded in the same systems. In Galway in 2008 there was a good run of salmon but three weeks later than usual. In the Screeb system there was only a light run of spring salmon in May and June 2007 at the same time in 2008 the spring salmon run was very good. However, there was a lot of grilse in July 2007 and drastically less in July 2008. We do not want to talk about the brown salmon normally seen after August. One thing is certain: the time of the certain salmon weeks has gone. We shall continue with our observations.

Screebe House will be fully renovated in Spring 2010 and the actual completion date is not known at the moment. Additionally, the owners are debating whether to continue operating the house as a hotel and may just use it privately. It might be possible to rent the whole house for one or more salmon fishing weeks. Should this rental option be a possibility, at an acceptable price, we shall give it serious thought and maybe advertise salmon fishing weeks in July 2010. Please stay in touch.

In our blog you can find a large article “Salmon fishing in the Cashla River”. By the way, on the Cashla there are also possibilities for good salmon fishermen. The fish counter registered 1200 salmon and only 60 were caught – every twentieth fish!


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