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When Buying Fishing tackle, especially for flyfishing you have to trust your dealer. It starts with the Flyrod. How long, whitch line, for what kind of Flyfishing, Dry, Wet, Streamer or Salmon? Two-, four- or even seven pieces? With 3 flyrods you can fish in almost every situation, but these three rods must cover every line class.

And then, whitch reel is suitable? A light reel for alpine trout fishing or a heavy one for salmon fishing? We have the ideal choice for all situations.

The flyline is essential as well: Floating, Sinking, Sink-Tip? And if you use a sink-tip-line, how fast should the line sink? Torpedo Taper, Longbelly, Rocket- or Saltwater Taper? Or even a skagit line for your double handed rod? As you can see there are many questions to be answered if you want to buy some new stuff.

We will gladly help you choosing the right things. And we can offer you as well a large number of different flyleaders. Even if your rod, reel and line are perfect, the wrong leader is one of the keys to successful fishing. With the HRH-Flyleaders we offer you a serie of leaders suitable for almost every situation.

The choice of the right fly is a theme that inspired many flyfishermen to write books about. But there is one book that covers all themes. „Faszination Fliegenfischen“ from H.R. Hebeisen, on 216 pages, illustrated by Had Verhejien in the 2. edition available.


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