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High quality and low weight are the principal demands made on modern fly reels – Vosseler reels reflect both of these features and represent the best choice and value for money.

Flyreel, Vosseler-FlyreelsFlyreel, Vosseler-Flyreels

There are almost more fly reels on the market than fly fishers using them.

When buying a new fly reel you should think about it carefully. A good fly reel can last a lifetime or even longer! Light reels are perfect for grayling and trout while the larger and heavier reels are more suitable for salmon and pike. For saltwater fishing, the reel must also be corrosion-resistant. For European trout fishing, quality is less important because the reel serves basically as a line store while, when salmon fishing, a high quality brake and good handling is essential. The German company Vosseler offers all types of well engineered fly reels at a fair price.

It does not make sense to attach a cheap reel from the Far-East to a high quality fly rod just as much as it does not make sense to combine a premium fly reel with an inferior fly rod. However, it is negligent to use an inadequate reel, just to save money, when you want to catch pike or salmon - or maybe bonefish or tarpon - you will not be satisfied and there could be disastrous results. There are many different brake systems available, for example the rim-control, various types of disc brake systems, direct-drive reels or the anti-reverse-reel, all of which are very popular. As you can see professional advice given by an experienced salesman/fisherman is essential. For us one thing is clear: Vosseler fly reels, with their cage and spool made in Germany from one piece of high-grade aerospace aluminium, offer in all sizes and models real value for money and cost less than you think.

We had a lot of success last Christmas with the introduction of a special line of fly reels. An example of the HRH Renaissance is an absolute must for every fly reel collector. If these reels are out of stock when you wish to purchase one you will have to be patient for up to two months because the manufacture involves a lot of handwork.


Information relating to the Vosseler reels, and all other leading makes of fly reels, is available in our shop.
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