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Successful Fly Tying with HRH Hebeisen Fishing

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HRH Hebeisen Fishing offers great choice of Fly Tying Materials

In the early seventies the HRH Hebeisen Fishing offered as first store in Switzerland a large choice of fly tying materials.

The well-known austrian Norbert Eipeltauer from Vienna was the first main-supplier in these days. But we imported Rooster Saddles from the USA as well, even if the prices were about 200 CHF. Because of the increasing demand, we expanded our choice continuously.

Today we offer products from leading names like Marc Petitjean, Spirit River, Hareline, Veniard, Vosseler and Renzetti and offer a large choice of Tiemco Flyhooks. With Thomas R. Eckert in our team we have an experienced professional who gives lessons for beginners as well as for professional flytiers. Visit our flytying shows and meet René Föllmi, Johann Wetten and other fly tying cracks like Marc Petitjean.

Flytying-Courses for Beginners and Advanced persons are held during the off-season in winter. Beside that we offer Special-Courses for Pike- and Salmon-Flies.



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