New: HRH Signature Fly rods

Designed by H.R. Hebeisen

HRH-SignatureHRH Signature Fly rods

HRH Signature – Light as a feather in the hand and strong as a horse

  • Absolute perfect action
  • Improve your casting distance by metres
  • Full warranty on the tip
  • Warranty replacement supplied free with the rod
  • Highest grade graphite
  • Absolutely solid because of the medium elasticity module
  • Exclusive fittings and rings
  • Long cigar or half-wells handle
  • Perfect workmanship and noble design
  • Bag, protection tube and replacement tip included
  • Half-price because of direct import and the USD exchange rate
  • Ideal for transportation – all models are 4 piece

Without doubt these new 4 piece rods, for numerous reasons, will cause a lot excitement on the market. Even during the “Orvis period” when they cost twice as much, they were best sellers. We have these rods made where other “Major” manufacturers have their rods made and reduce the selling price by the margin we save. The warranty service is innovative and client orientated: immediate replacement with absolutely no cost. As 90% of all breakages involve the tip section we supply a replacement tip free-of-charge with the rod. Should the tip break when you are on a remote holiday location the solution is immediately at hand and you do not have to start spending money afterwards trying to get a warranty replacement - just mount the replacement tip and continue fishing. And something else: you do not have to pay the estimated USD 150.00 for the warranty! You receive 100% goods for your money, a fly rod that is light as a feather, strong as a horse and with a specially designed long handle.

The action
All four of the new HRH Signature models have 4 pieces and, relative to the line rating, have a very fast and elegant action which casts the fly line with great ease over long distances. I assure you of 30% more efficiency and we are willing to show this during one of our casting demonstrations behind our shop.

Warranty included
All HRH Signature fly rods are supplied with a spare tip!

Trial casting
We send these rods unconditionally to addresses in Switzerland for a 10 day trial period. Try these rods out for a weekend on the water you fish without obligation. Anyone who casts and fishes with one of these rods will never send it back.

 Model Length AFTM Pieces Price
 Smuggler 7' 215 cm 5/6 4-tlg. CHF 498.-
 Universal 8'6'' 260 cm 5/6 4-tlg. CHF 549.-
 Salmon&Streamer 9' 275cm 7/8 4-tlg. CHF 598.-
 Salmon&Pike 9' 275 cm 9/10 4-tlg. CHF 598.-
 Nymph&Dry 10'5'' 320 cm 5/6 4-tlg. CHF 598.-

HRH Signature Smuggler
The rod is 7 foot or 215cm long and has the same action as the legendary original “HRH Spezial”. Optimally, the rod casts a #5 and #6 line but the experienced caster could also use a #4 weight line. It is the perfect rod for wader fishing in our waters. With the extra long handle this rod has no competition world-wide in this class.

HRH Signature Universal
The rod is 8½ foot or 260cm long and, as the name says, a universal fly rod for use on our rivers for nymph, wet and dry fly fishing at long and short ranges. Beginners will cast a #6 weight line and the more advanced the #5 weight line. This rod casts much better than big-name rods costing twice the price.

HRH Signature Salmon&Streamer
The rod is 9 foot or 275cm long and is not only perfect for streamer and light salmon fishing (Ireland, Iceland and Alaska) but also suitable for bank and boat fishing on lakes and reservoirs. The 21cm long half-wells handle is suitable for all grip styles. Although rated for #7 and #8 fly lines, the expert can use this rod with a #6 line for dry work. It is the nicest rod in this class.

HRH Signature Salmon&Pike
The rod is 9 foot or 275cm long and casts the #9 and #10 weight lines ( #8 line is also usable) and the heavy salmon and pike flies with great ease. This is the ideal fly rod for all salmon species, steelhead and pike. Casting this rod is a real experience and you really command the situation when fighting the larger calibre specimens. The 21cm long half-wells handle is suitable for all grip styles. We have never cast a rod in this class that is so powerful and light and, despite this, the action does not hit you in the wrist joint.

HRH Signature Nymph&Dry
The rod is 10½ foot or 320cm long and casts the #5 and #6 weight lines. This is the perfect rod for nymph fishing on our waters. The rod is also ideal for dry fly fishing on lakes and reservoirs as well as small delicate rooks and small rivers when the length gives the fisher more clearance and requires less casting activity.

Market impact
We are absolutely certain that these new rods will create a lot of excitement on the European market. You can compare these rods with cheaper makes and models (today, even the noble makers dip into the lower and lowest drawers) or the most expensive rods. The one category will offer a lot less and the others even less than that when you compare the action. Once you have held one of these rods, cast and fished with it, you will know what we mean. When it comes to handle design (length) and the free supply of the warranty with the rod, we are a big step ahead of our competitors.

HRH is very much against this handle design especially the short lengths. The length selected by us allows the use of all types of grip styles including the thumb/index finger grip considered ideal by HRH and often selected when casting powerful rods,  irrespective if you hold the handle at the front or rear.


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